Reflecting on your work with the BOA has never been easier

    The ultimate aim of reflection is to improve professional practice,
    both the process and the result can contribute significantly to clinical wisdom.

    Reflection Is….

    Reflection is the ability to critically analyse what you have done
    with a view to improve practice in the future.

    Reflective practice is the key to surgical wisdom.

    It’s a surgically relevant skill you can improve
    and use throughout your career.

    “Reflection on our work is not only a vital development tool for an educator, but some degree of formal reflection is going to be required of us for revalidation, so now is a good time to start”

    • Event

      Describe the event in less than 200 words, which can be a challenge but really helps you focus your mind on the most important aspects of the clinical situation.

    • Went Well

      Consider your role and what you did. What did you do well?

    • Next Time

      What could you do differently next time to achieve a better outcome?

    • Learned

      What have you learned about yourself as a surgeon?

    • Do Next

      What is the next step of development in this area for you?

    Start Reflecting

    The British Orthopaedic Association is making Reflection easy. Simply complete the from below. Once submitted this goes DIRECTLY to our BOA Education Advisor, Lisa Hadfield-Law.  She will then email feedback to the email address you provide.

    What others say about Reflection

    Jeremy Field

    Reflection has enlightened my surgical practice. I was a committed sceptic. I was one of those who said ‘well I do this all the time anyway’ – only later realising that I was ruminating or justifying.

    Jeremy FieldBSc, ChM, FRCS, FRCS Ed(Orth)
    Tamas Kustos

    Lisa was extremely helpful whilst I learned about reflecting on practice Her feedback about the content and style were very useful and it was a real pleasure to work with her. I can thoroughly recommend her.

    Tamas KustosMD, PhD, FRCS (Eng.), MBA
    Ramzi Milli

    All I needed was a framework for approaching reflection. How to create reflective pieces that fit in with the qualities of a good doctor.

    Ramzi MilliMB(Hons), MMSc, MCh, FRCSI, FRCS(Orth)
    Prof. Clarke

    Reflection on our work is not only a vital development tool for an educator but it some form of formal reflection is going to be required of us for revalidation so it will be a good time to start

    Prof. ClarkeMD, MChOrth, FRCS(C)